Eczema can be Treated

Eczema is an itchy skin condition which can affect any area of body. Apart from skin, it can also involve mucus membrane. This can affect population of all age and sex. Most common symptoms are itching, redness, swelling and oozing. Sometimes ulcers are formed and it become painful due to secondary bacterial infection. Symptoms can start with mild occasional itching confined to a very small area of body to extensive itching involving whole body. It can seriously affect your work and quality of life.

There are many cause of Eczema. Most of the causes are exogenous and this include chemicals, cosmetics, plants, nickel, sun light etc. But there are many cases of Eczema where the cause is endogenous. In this case, the body’s immunity system is hyper reactive due to some familial inheritance and cause Eczema on slightest provocation. The skin barrier is impaired and allow allergen to enter your body.

In both these cases, external stimulus play a major role in Eczema and it is important to identify these aggravating factor to treat eczema. But it is not enough for treatment. Along with this, we need to control the inflammation and repair the skin barrier. This is the most important area for proper planning of medication and duration of therapy. In patients with long history of eczema, we have to choose medication carefully as they need long term treatment. A careful elimination of aggravating factors and proper control of inflammation by medication certainly provide a good quality of life.

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