Hair fall is a very common problem for both man and woman. It can cause significant concern and anxiety. People try home remedy and flock to salon and spa for solution. Some hair falls are temporary and resolve on its own even if you do not do anything. There are certain specific problems which do not improve on its own or do not respond to non-medical intervention. These people need a consultation from dermatologist for proper treatment.

One of the common causes of hair fall is androgenetic alopecia. The hair fall is gradual but continuous. Hair density gradually decreases and can lead to baldness in man. Another kind of hair loss is sudden and localised. This can cause serious concern in patient. Alopecia areata is one such condition which can progress sometimes to involve large area.

Anaemia and nutritional deficiency are some of the causes of hair loss or are associated factors in above conditions. Our specialists at EPA Skin Clinic are experienced and well trained to deal all kind of hair fall problems. Careful scalp examination is done to reach at a specific diagnosis and a personalised treatment plan is
created matching the clinical profile of the patient.

Some of the treatment options are as below :
Treatment Offered

  • Medical therapy
  • Low dose ILS (Intralesional steroid)
  • DRHWF (Derma rolling with Hair Growth Factors)
  • PRP (Platelet rich Plasma therapy)
  • LLLT (Low Level LASER therapy)