Acne is also called as pimple. It is a simple problem, but need careful evaluation and treatment. Untreated it can cause scarring and pigmentation on face. This problem is more difficult to treat. So, it is always advisable to take good care of acne problem from the beginning. An experienced and expert dermatologist is the best person to take care of your acne problems. Even the salons and spas are trying to treat acne which is not at all recommended for you. An unscientific and inappropriate treatment can cause more harm to your skin and sometimes it become difficult to treat after that.

Our consultant has treated thousand of acne patients successfully. The following treatment options are available. You will be provided with one of theses or a combination as per severity and skin type after a thorough and detail consultation.

1.Medical Therapy- Topical and Systemic
2.Chemical Peeling
3.Light Therapy