Allergy can be diagnosed

Allergy is a commonly used term for many skin condition. Any kind of  itching may be referred as allergy  which is not true. Allergy is a hyper reactive immuno system to certain stimuli causing itching, swelling, redness or oozing. Though skin is a common site of allergy, it can involve airways and gut which have mucus epithelium. Many times it is very difficult to identify the stimuli or allergen and sometimes there is no specific cause to blame. It is important to differentiate infection from allergy as the treatment is opposite of each other. The allergen can be topical causing contact allergy or systemic causing generalised allergy.  It is interesting to note that every body have a different immuno reaction pattern and a particular allergen may not cause allergy in all person. Allergy can last for short duration like few hours to few days or may persist for many years.

Our clinic and consultant do careful evaluation of patient with detail  history and examination. Treatment plan include short term strategy to complete remission of symptoms as well as long term approach to find out the cause of allergy and its elimination.

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